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  • Archery
    HHA Sports produces the world's finest archery sights in a variety of combinations.
  • Crossbow
    HHA produces crossbow sighting systems that help you extend your range and improve accuracy.

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  • Dovetail Bar Sight Frame
    Dovetail Bar
    Available on the Tetra & Tetra Max, our adjustable dovetail bar features a wheel-forward design and is built for competition shooting or hunters wishing to put the sight further in front of their riser. (MSRP $319.99 to $509.99)
  • Wheel Forward Sight Frame
    Wheel Forward
    The wheel forward design of the Tetra & Tetra Max sights allows for worry-free quiver mounting and easy adjustments in the field or on the range. Designed & built for bowhunters. (MSRP $269.99 to $459.99)
  • Dial Sight Frame
    Dial Sight
    The Optimizer Ultra features a yardage wheel with a rear facing tape numbered 20 to 80. Range adjustment is made by rotating the dial to the exact yard. (MSRP $219.99 to $299.99)
  • Classic Slider Sight Frame
    Available in the original Optimizer Lite or the update Tetra LT, this adjustable sight has a rear-facing tape number from 20 to 80 yards in 5 yard increments. (MSRP $139.99 to $279.99)
  • Economy/Youth/Bowfishing Sight Frame
    The Optimizer Lite Cadet is great single pin adjustable sight for youth and beginning archers as well as for bowfishing. A toolless elevation lock knob allows for quick, easy adjustments to your predetermined distances. (MSRP $59.99)
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  • 2in. Scope Housing
    Removable Wheel
    The industry-leading removable wheel featured on the Tetra Max allows you to shoot multiple arrow setups with a simple wheel swap.
  • 2in. Scope Housing
    Fixed Wheel
    The HHA Tetra provides unrivaled durability and accuracy at a slightly lower price than the Tetra Max.
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Select Options

  • Standard Bar
    Standard Bar
  • Short Bar
    Short Bar
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Select Pin Count

  • 2in. Scope Housing
    Original Single Pin
    The BEST single pin adjustable sight in the world.
  • 2in. Scope Housing
    4 Pin
    Same American-made housing with lifetime warranty, now in a 4-pin version.
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Select Scope Size

  • 1-3/8in. Scope Housing
    Perfect for target shooters who demand the ultimate in accuracy. Works great with a 1/8" peep sight.
  • 1-5/8 in. Scope Housing
    Our most popular size, the 1.625" scope housing is preferred when shooting a 3/16" peep sight.
  • 1.8 in. Scope Housing
    The larger 1.8" housing pairs well with a 1/4" peep sight.
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Select Pin Size

  • .010 Pin
    The smallest pin size we offer, the .010 is great for shooting longer distances (40 yards plus) as it maximizes accuracy by blocking less of the target. Not recommended for older eyes or those with poor up close vision.
  • .019 Pin
    By far the most popular size fiber optic on the market, the .019 works well for hunting, 3D and target applications.
  • .029 Pin
    Our largest pin size, the .029 is perfect for close range shooting and deteriorating eyesight.
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  • Left Hand
    Left Hand
  • Right Handed
    Right Hand
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