Optimizer Sights

Single Pin sites in their finest form. The Optimizer series of sites has you covered from HHA Sports. 

Red Hero BG Left
Red Hero BG Right

Optimizer Cadet

Looking for the ultimate single pin adjustable bow sight for a beginner? The Optimizer Cadet packs HHA quality, toughness and innovation into a lightweight, simplistic design custom made for new shooters. Youth and first time archers can be easily confused by multiple pins. A one pin sight gives them a single aiming point, increasing accuracy and enjoyment from the moment they pick up a bow. With its user friendly adjustments and fully protected, ultra bright fiber optic pin, 1 5/8" housing, this sight will have your CADET shooting like a pro from day one!

Optimizer Lite X

The Optimizer Lite X continues to be one of the top-selling single pin sights of all time, nearly 25 year years after its introduction. A top choice for hunters and 3D shooters alike, the Optimizer Lite was the first site in the HHA product line to feature our patented R.D.S. Sight Tape Technology. Accepting a full line of accessories including magnified lenses, sun shades and lights, archers can’t go wrong when choosing the iconic sight for all their needs.

Optimizer Ultra X

Introducing to-the-yard precision nearly 20 years ago, the Optimizer Ultra X remains one of the most popular single-pin sights on the market today. Versatile and rugged, it can withstand years of abuse and still be accurate enough to win your next 3D tournament. With the popularity of single-pin sights at an all-time high, the Ultra X remains a great choice for any season.

Optimizer Scope Only