Optimizer King Pin

20 years in the making, the 3rd generation of archery’s #1 selling, single pin mover is loaded with features no other bow sight can offer. Interchangeable wheels make changing tapes easier than ever before and allow for using multiple arrow and draw weights.

Optimizer Ultra

One of the most versatile sights on the market, the Ultra is rugged enough to withstand seasons of abuse in the field yet accurate enough to win a 3D tournament. With popularity of single pin sights at an all time high the Ultra remains the king of the hill in the field and on the range.

Optimizer Lite

20 years after its introduction, the Optimizer Lite remains the #1 selling single pin adjustable sight on the market. Voted top single pin by Bowhunting World for 10 years running, the Optimizer Lite is loaded with features that set it apart from the competition.

Optimizer Lite Cadet

It's no secret that kids and new recruits are the future of our sport. 2014 marks the debut of the Optimizer Lite Cadet, an innovative single pin sight for the beginning archer.


Most treestand hunters only need one fixed pin with today's fast bows. Brushfire Series sights are perfect for these situation.

Pro Series

HHA PRO Series scopes with with a 10-32 rod and are great for target shooting. Available in our 1 5/8" housing with or without our exclusive mechanical rheostat these scopes are at home whether you're indoors or out on the range.

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